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Through The Looking Glass

The Transparent Collection

Classic. Modern. Chic.
Bolon Eyewear sets the standard for eyewear trends with its Transparent Collection. The line boasts sophisticated designs crafted from the finest materials, including Japanese titanium and sturdy clear acetate. If you want to stand out from the crowd in good taste, this is the collection to look to.
Zion Transparent
Zion Transparent’s timeless silhouette takes on a fashionable approach with its see-through frames and shiny touches.
Material and Color Acetate + Japanese titanium

It is said that simplicity is the key to elegance. And Zion’s transparent option is a true testament to that. Just throw this on to add a luxurious touch to any outfit – you can trust that it won’t go wrong.

Zion Transparent Grey
Clear grey frames and metallic details are tasteful design choices that elevate Zion Transparent Grey’s classic silhouette.
Material and Color Acetate + Japanese titanium

We dare say that Zion’s transparent grey frames are the new classic. This versatile piece adds elegance to any outfit, while giving it an urban charm effortlessly.

Logan Transparent Grey
Logan’s amalgamation of a 70s-inspired silhouette, clear grey frames and metallic touches are all it takes to craft a statement piece in good taste.
Material and Color Acetate + Japanese titanium

Logan’s transparent grey design is where subtle elegance and old-school glamour meet. Whether it’s loose-fit pieces or structured looks you prefer, this design is a sure-fire way a good dose of class to your outfit.

Logan Transparent
The blend of clear acetate and metallic details give Logan Transparent’s retro-inspired design a chic modern twist.
Material and Color Acetate + Japanese titanium

Clean and chic is the order of the day with Logan’s transparent design. This retro-luxe design works best with classic looks from plain tees to crisp shirts. But who says you cannot elevate bolder looks with this tasteful option?

Milo Transparent
Milo’s angled structure is designed with transparent frames and high-octane metallic details to achieve a look that’s both charming and elegant.
Material and Color Acetate + Japanese titanium

Milo’s architecture is perfect for those who want to effortlessly inject glamour into your wardrobe. Simply match this look with a relaxed-fit t-shirt and tailored trousers combo or a bold-coloured blouse to elevate your look.

Milo Transparent Grey
Milo’s transparent grey’s fine geometry and hints of shine design demonstrates subtle sophistication effectively.
Material and Color Acetate + Japanese titanium

Whether you choose to take Milo’s transparent grey design to the beach or the boardroom, this option is one you can depend on. It lends a sophisticated touch to your outfit effortlessly.