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Product Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

  • Each review submitted is subject to approval to be published before voucher is awarded.
  • Each review submitted must be unique. The same text & image cannot be submitted for more than 1 review. If any image review submitted contains images already submitted in other reviews, that image review may not be approved or may only be given a text review voucher. Note: These image reviews must not violate any other guidelines.
  • Image reviews must be original and feature your purchased item(s) in your interior space.
  • Image reviews containing images taken from any Bolon Eyewear marketing material may not be approved.
  • Image reviews require at least 3 business days for approval.
  • Bolon Eyewear reserves the right not to publish reviews with content that is deemed irrelevant (not directly pertaining to the product), taken from Bolon Eyewear’s marketing material, fake, offensive, or defamatory.
  • Bolon Eyewear reserves the right to remove content (images or text) from an existing published review if later found to be violating any of our review guidelines.
  • Bolon Eyewear’s decision with regards to submitted reviews is final.
  • Bolon Eyewear reserves the right to reject any review, withdraw or amend vouchers for any customer subsequently found to be disqualified for any reason.
  • By submitting a review (text and/or images), you agree to give consent for the review and its images to be used in Bolon Eyewear’s marketing channels and content.
  • Bolon Eyewear reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time without prior notice.

Review Voucher Terms & Conditions:

  • Each voucher can only be used per single order.
  • Each voucher is for one-time use only.
  • Each voucher is valid only for 3 months from date of issue (online and in-store)
  • Vouchers are limited to usage on sg.boloneyewear.com (and Bolon Eyewear boutiques listed over here)